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Hello. My name is Rudy Panigas and I am a Production Senior Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) with over 14 years of experience. Have published articles with SQL Central, am a leader for the my local PASS chapter in Toronto (TORPASS) and love to automate anything SQL including disaster recovery. I created this blog to share my views, knowledge and to discuss Microsoft SQL server in order to help out others in this field. Please test these scripts before using. I do not warranty and do not take any responsibility for it, its misuse or output it creates. You can reach me at this email address: sqlsurgeon@outlook.com

Monday, May 30, 2011

SQL Server Service Check Utility

I was ask to see if Full Text Search was installed on a development server one day. So after some manual work to collect this information I thought that maybe there could be a better way. So I wrote this script to help out.

Here is how this script could help you:

  • Determine the status of SQL server service(s) - running or not
  • Determine if the service is installed or not
I have executed it on the following servers
32 bit and 64 bit
SQL 2005 with SP3 - Stand alone and on multiple instances
SQL 2008 with SP1 and SP2 - Stand alone and on multiple instances
SQL 2008 R2 latest patches
SQL 2012 with latest patches

Hope you find it useful.


Download script here:  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B07PMQYOhF2DMEliT0pKSmozSDA/edit?usp=sharing

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